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Installation Prerequisites:
  • An X.509 digital certificate (DSC Token/PFX)
  • Windows 7 or later (including Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022), Windows Server 2012/16 (32/64 bit)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (Get Installed with PDF BulkSigner)
* If you are unable to install the PDF BulkSigner on Windows 7 PC/Laptop, please click here to refer steps on support page.
* PDF BulkSigner will always install with latest verison only.
Version Features
  1. Minor bug fixes and improvements
  1. Minor bug fixes and Improvements
  1. Bug fix -Signatures were being rotated when signed a document where pages are of different sizes and orientation.
  1. 1. Representation of timezone in international format (+/- HH:mm)
  2. 2. Bug fix - handling of special chars in document name while creating profile
  1. 1. “Sign Pass protected file” and “Sign and protect” features merged in one add on
  2. 2. User experience improvements
  1. 1. Sign documents and send to email ids provided by CSV/manual
  2. 2. Sign, Protect and email the documents
  3. 3. Performance improvements in sign using text pattern
  4. 4. Bug fixes of signing in Service mode
  1. 1. Signer Service/API- Copy Text pattern based un signed files in separate “Original UnSigned” folder
  2. 2. Text pattern-based sign– Changes position with respect to text auto drop position
  3. 3. Bug fixes in Signature appearance from actual signature, Edit text pattern based profile
  1. 1. e-Signature using an Image
  2. 2. Signing profile for Odd/Even page
  1. 1. New User Interface changes
  2. 2. Linking Profile template and signature appearance
  3. 3. Report- date wise sign count details
  4. 4. BulkSigner API based solution
  5. 5. Text Pattern based sign- Find place on page while creating profile
  6. 6. Add on features
  1. 1. Manage Signing Profile (sign pattern/position, split and appearance) from single place with new UI/UX design
  2. 2. Text pattern-based sign for all pages (sign with one DSC token)
  3. 3. Default appearance for new Profile based on last profile
  4. 4. Sign box position issues fixed
  5. 5. Manage All page’s sign box setting from any page under profile
  6. 6. Sign files from folders and sub-folders
  7. 7. Signature box size adjustable
  8. 8. About us for other solutions
  9. Note. 1. Signature application and positioning based on text pattern - Signatures are applied and positioned based on occurrence of the text pattern and its position provided in the preferences. As of now, signatures are positioned just above or below the text pattern as per the options chosen. Also it must be ensured that the text pattern is unique in the document
    2. In case of upgrading bulksigner to 3.0 or later your previously created templates will not work. You need to create new Templates/Profiles to utilise the bulksigner application.
  1. 1. UI Improvements
  2. 2. Minor bug fixes
  3. 3. Date time optional on signature`s
  1. 1. UI Improvements
  2. 2. Minor bug fixes
  3. 3. Delete template
  4. 4. More option in preferences with signature preview
  • 1- Sign password protected files
  • 2- Option to enter password of protected file one by one or using CSV file based on filename
  • Note: 1- Password protected files not allowed to split and use for template 2- Password protected files allowed only one signature (When system will go for second sign, it breaks file and hence considered as tempered. Multiple signatures are not allowed in password protected files)
1.3 UI improvements, template design changes.
Note: If you are upgrading your existing copy of BulkSigner, you need to re-create your templates.
1.2 Split page and sign on all pages feature
1.1 Sign files by DSC and e-Signature
1.0 Basline version to sign PDF files using DSC token
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