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Our cryptography based solutions, about applying digital signature certificates (DSC) to PDF documents, are available for a variety of scenarios as per the requirements of your business. These include PC based standalone software using USB token and a solution using PFX based DSC being applied to a large volume of documents on the server side from within your application. We are also evolving a new age authentication mechanism using digital signatures.

Why BulkSigner?

  • BulkSigner is a desktop product designed to attach digital signatures to PDF documents.
  • BulkSigner supports bulk signing of PDF documents available in an input directory/folder and the signed PDF documents are placed in the output directory/folder.
  • Using BulkSigner, you can select a predefined template or create a new template wherein you can define the signing locations (single or multiple) on selected pages/documents for multiple document.
  • BulkSigner works with any Digital Signature Certificate, available in .pfx or .p12 format.

BulkSigner Software Supports

Certificates with multiple signature
JSON Digital Signature form16
PDF Digital Signature invoice
Tax Invoices
JSON Digital Signature tenders
JSON Digital Signature business contracts
Business contracts & many more

Key features of BulkSigner

Use Picture, Logo or e-Signature with Digital Signature
Set multiple input folders/sub- folders
Splitting and Merging of PDF Files before signing
Integration with third-party application
Multiple signatures using more than one USB ports
Digitally Signing Password Protected Files
Customize Digital Signature's Appearance

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